Cookie Policy

This information about cookies is provided in accordance with the decision of the italian Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (called “Garante della Privacy”) of 8 May 2014, entitled “Identification of simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies” .

Note: this website collects users’ data to show personalized ads.

What are cookies

This paragraph is intended to define, in general line, what cookies are, in order to inform the user on how to use this technology in this web for a long time. In the following paragraphs you’ll find instead a list of cookies we use on our site.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s PC when browsing certain pages on the internet, using various services or certain email. Most websites use cookies to work properly. Some cookies are in fact critical to the operation of certain websites and Internet services, as they store navigation information, allow automatic access to certain services, allows to store the choices made by the user (eg. The chosen language in multilingual sites, or the products the user put in the shopping cart in an e-commerce site, and so on). Other cookies, for example, are used for statistical purposes to allow the site manager to optimize the functionality of the website. Finally, there are some cookies used to analyze the user preferences when browsing the web and allows to propose more targeted advertising to the user interests.

The user has full control over cookies, as they are installed and stored on its PC. At any time the user can delete, view them, or prevent them from being installed. In the following paragraphs you’ll find some instructions on how to delete or avoid storing cookies through popular browsers.

What cookies we use

On our website we use various kind of cookies, session or persistent, below we list them divided into major categories as defined by the italian Privacy Authority:

Technical / functional cookies

These type of cookies are required in order to operate properly on the website. They are used for example to remember the choices made by the user while navigating our website.

Statistics cookies

These cookies are used to the site manager to track navigation information, user behavior on the site and web traffic for statistical purpose in an aggregate way, in order to provide a global view of how users, overall, are using the site and the pages, so we can optimize them to provide a better service. We don’t store the behavior of individual users, but only aggregated data:

  • WordPress Stats (JetPack): it’s a statistics service provided by Automattic Inc. You can read their privacy policy at the following link:
  • Google Analytics (with IP anonymization): it’s a statistics service provided by Google Inc. Google uses your personal information to track statistics and reports on the use of this site and may share with third parties. Google could also use this data to contextualize the advertising of its advertising network. We may use this service just to understand how users interact with our site (in an aggregate way, and with anonymized IPs, so no specific details of each individual user are taken or used), in order to have statistics and optimize the site to provide a better service. You can consult the privacy policy of Google Analytics at the following link: You can also deny the consent (Opt-out) using the following link:

Third Party Cookies

The third-party cookies are supplied and installed by third-party sites through our website. The installation and the operating logic of these cookies is independent and out of our control and knowledge, but depends on third-party sites that provide these cookies. In this category we can have:

How to block and delete cookies, or to prevent your browser to install them

The user has full freedom in the management of cookies, in fact using their web browser (the program you use to surf the Internet), you can delete the installed cookies, or completely prevent the installation of them. It’s important to note, however, that in the event that you completely prevents the installation of cookies, some websites may not work properly. Below we listed some of the possibilities that you have through your browser:

More information about behavioral advertising, about cookies, and how to control their installation

In addition to the information provided above (block or delete cookies through the browser), we inform you that you can use the site for more information about behavioral advertising and on cookies, and to accept or refuse consent to a wide variety of third-party cookies for the services available on the YourOnlineChoices database.